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Tamikrest: The new wave of Touareg rock

Representing the new generation of Touareg rock called ishumar, “music of the unemployed”, Tamikrest is the noble heir of legend Tinariwen. Far from the Malian Sahara, where the members are from, they’ve landed in the West for their first tour outside the African continent. They’ve recently released their first album, Adagh, and what comes out… Read More ›

Interview of Tamikrest

Tamikrest represents the next generation of Tuareg rock, what is usually referred to as ishumar rock, the rock of the unemployed. Following the example of the legendary band Tinariwen, Tamikrest has been touring the world for the past months, the first time outside the African continent. I’ve met Aghaly Ag Mohamadine and Cheikh Ag Tigly,… Read More ›

Zimbaremabwe: Calling the Spirits with the Mbira

There are times where being in London is not such a bad thing at all. The current period fits in that category. The Sun has been a regular guest for the past couple of weeks, the temperature has risen up, and last but not least, African culture events are ubiquitous. Part of these was SOAS’… Read More ›

Punctured Hope: A story about trokosi and young girls slavery

Punctured Hope is a story that takes place nowadays in Ghana, West Africa. The movie tackles the practice of trokosi. According to this custom, if someone commits a crime, traditional leaders can order a young girl from that family to be sent to the shrine as a form of atonement. A fetish priest and his… Read More ›