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Terakaft rocks la fête de la music

Tuareg rockers Terakaft have been touring Europe for the past couple of months. They played in Paris at the much-hyped Fête de la Musique on 21 June. Imagine a story that began a few centuries ago. Imagine a time when Timbuktu was so busy that it would make New York City blush. Imagine an age… Read More ›

Terakaft: Kel Tamasheq

The Terakaft caravan is unstoppable. A year has passed since the release of Aratan N Azawad, and the Touareg band is back with a fourth album, Kel Tamasheq. Get ready for some rock n roll! Recently I’ve been rather slow at listening to new music, and even slower at writing about it. A perfect example,… Read More ›

Nabil and Dia

On the road with Nabil Baly Othmani

I recently followed Nabil Baly Othmani during their European tour. Relive a day on the road with this Touareg band from Djanet, South Algeria. Find out also about their latest album, Ayt Ma. Hop on! “Guys, we’ve got to go!” unconvincingly shouts Cath, the band’s manager, while glancing at me with a look that seems… Read More ›

The Tel Aviv Session: Vieux Farka Touré meets the Middle East

He’s never short of ideas. Vieux Farka Touré comes back under the spotlight with a surprising yet ingenious collaboration. He has teamed up with the versatile Israeli pianist Idan Raichel, and together they have formed the Touré-Raichel Collective. It’s another step in the rising career of the Malian virtuoso. Intercontinental collaborations have abounded in the… Read More ›

Tinariwen: Tassili

Tinariwen has taken Saharan music to a whole new level over the past decades. Their latest album Tassili slightly shifted towards a new direction. Here’s my verdict. How often do we listen to a song for the first time, either love it or hate at once, only to change our mind later on? Normally, critics rush into reviews as… Read More ›

Oil, terror and social exclusion in the Sahara

Throughout history the Sahara Desert has been a key point to many rulers, both African and Western, due to its geostrategic position. Recent events have brought it under the negative spotlight of the media. News reports bring attention to kidnappings, the presence of Al-Qaeda, military operations but they usually fail to mention all the interests… Read More ›

Atri N’Assouf: The Star of the Desert

When Rissa Ag Wanaghli, former member of the Nigerian music act Takrist N’Akal, meets Plume, a prominent figure in French music, what outcome can be expected? The answer lies in Atri N’Assouf, “the Star of the Desert”, a young group that has just self-produced its debut album, Akal. Here’s a brief presentation of a band… Read More ›

The Rough Guide to Desert Blues

The Rough Guide to… collection has been going strong for over a decade, thanks to the association between the Rough Guide travel guide book and the World Music Network. Bringing flavours from Bhangra to Romanian Gypsies, it’s been a reference for those willing to find out various genres from the remotest lands. Five years after… Read More ›

Encounter with Nabil Othmani

It could have well been “the tour that never will be” for Nabil Othmani. The Algerian-born Tuareg experienced a little administrative misfortune in June, which forced him to cancel some dates. Having eventually been granted a visa, he’s landed in France for a summer tour not to be missed. After having successfully crossed a garden… Read More ›

Tamikrest: The new wave of Touareg rock

Representing the new generation of Touareg rock called ishumar, “music of the unemployed”, Tamikrest is the noble heir of legend Tinariwen. Far from the Malian Sahara, where the members are from, they’ve landed in the West for their first tour outside the African continent. They’ve recently released their first album, Adagh, and what comes out… Read More ›