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Dead Can Dance at Le Zenith

Hot like a sauna! That was surely the first thing that came to everyone’s mind at Le Zenith’s lobby in Paris. Dead Can Dance gave a second concert in the French capital in less than a year. DCD is a band that would require its own genre. They don’t really fit in any box. Over… Read More ›

Pédro Kouyaté, a cross cultural griot

I’ve recently had a chat with Pedro Kouyaté, a passionate and nonconformist Malian musician living in Paris. His third album, Live, has recently hit the shelves. Pedro Kouyaté is not a typical griot artist. In West Africa, griots are the guardians of oral tradition. They can be historians, storytellers or musicians. Pedro was born of… Read More ›

Interview with Vieux Farka Touré & Idan Raichel

Vieux Farka Touré and Idan Raichel, the Touré-Raichel Collective, launched the 2012 edition of the Jazz N Klezmer festival. I spoke with these two wandering musicians after the show. Music has no frontiers. For millennia, musicians have traveled through mountains, deserts and oceans, bringing along their instruments, melodies and influences. They have met other musicians and… Read More ›

Interview with Femi Kuti: Music and Politics

Femi Kuti needs no introduction. Son of the legendary Fela Kuti, he has released more than a dozen albums, spanning over two decades. Like his father, he cannot dissociate music from the message it conveys. He recently performed in Paris, in the middle of the afternoon. I met him after the show. He gave his… Read More ›

Kora Jazz Band at the New Morning

Building on the release of a recent album, Kora Jazz Band and their brand new line-up delivered a fiery performance at the New Morning in Paris. I obviously would not have missed it for anything. Here’s my verdict. As soon as I entered the jam-packed venue, I could not help but sensing a general impression… Read More ›

Tamikrest: The new wave of Touareg rock

Representing the new generation of Touareg rock called ishumar, “music of the unemployed”, Tamikrest is the noble heir of legend Tinariwen. Far from the Malian Sahara, where the members are from, they’ve landed in the West for their first tour outside the African continent. They’ve recently released their first album, Adagh, and what comes out… Read More ›

ONB: Rendez-vous Barbès

“Barbès is like an antechamber before arriving in the West. It’s a piece of Africa!” says Luis Saldahna of l’Orchestre National de Barbès (ONB). Indeed many African immigrants end up in this multicultural neighbourhood of Paris, where they can find local products and most of all, revitalise. But Barbès is also the meeting point of… Read More ›

Interview of Tamikrest

Tamikrest represents the next generation of Tuareg rock, what is usually referred to as ishumar rock, the rock of the unemployed. Following the example of the legendary band Tinariwen, Tamikrest has been touring the world for the past months, the first time outside the African continent. I’ve met Aghaly Ag Mohamadine and Cheikh Ag Tigly,… Read More ›