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Nabil and Dia

On the road with Nabil Baly Othmani

I recently followed Nabil Baly Othmani during their European tour. Relive a day on the road with this Touareg band from Djanet, South Algeria. Find out also about their latest album, Ayt Ma. Hop on! “Guys, we’ve got to go!” unconvincingly shouts Cath, the band’s manager, while glancing at me with a look that seems… Read More ›

Tinariwen: Tassili

Tinariwen has taken Saharan music to a whole new level over the past decades. Their latest album Tassili slightly shifted towards a new direction. Here’s my verdict. How often do we listen to a song for the first time, either love it or hate at once, only to change our mind later on? Normally, critics rush into reviews as… Read More ›

Encounter with Nabil Othmani

It could have well been “the tour that never will be” for Nabil Othmani. The Algerian-born Tuareg experienced a little administrative misfortune in June, which forced him to cancel some dates. Having eventually been granted a visa, he’s landed in France for a summer tour not to be missed. After having successfully crossed a garden… Read More ›

ONB: Rendez-vous Barbès

“Barbès is like an antechamber before arriving in the West. It’s a piece of Africa!” says Luis Saldahna of l’Orchestre National de Barbès (ONB). Indeed many African immigrants end up in this multicultural neighbourhood of Paris, where they can find local products and most of all, revitalise. But Barbès is also the meeting point of… Read More ›

The Dark Sahara: America’s war on terror in Africa

Since the dawn of time, the Sahara has been a place generating both feelings of attraction and fear. The immensity of the desert, the endless sandy dunes, and not to forget the scorching Sun have certainly contributed to beget the natural curiosity for this part of the world. Recently the Sahara has regularly been mentioned… Read More ›

Nabil Othmani: a fresh air from the Sahara

The story of Tamghart In (my mother) started a few generations ago in Djanet, a small town in South Algeria. Music has always been a strong tradition in the Othmani family, considered by many as natural representatives of the Kel Ajjers culture, the Touaregs from the Algerian Sahara. Nabil thus honours that cultural heritage while… Read More ›