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Rising from Ashes: a story of reconciliation in Rwanda

July 14, 2013

Rising from Ashes is a documentary about a team of cyclists in post genocide Rwanda. It’s narrated by UNESCO goodwill ambassador Forrest Whitaker. Rwanda and cycling? It’s certainly not the most striking combination that can be thought of. Rwanda sadly made the headlines with the genocide that took place in 1994. However cycling has been… Read More ›

Agadez: music and rebellion

The London International Documentary Festival 2011 featured the première of Agadez: The Music and the Rebellion. Director Ron Wyman tells the story of the Touareg of the region of Agadez, northern Niger, focusing on the rise of local guitar-hero and newly internationally acclaimed artist, Omar Moctar “Bombino”. Making documentaries about the Touareg has become en… Read More ›

Sahara shines at London International Documentary Festival

Africa has been well represented at the fourth edition of the London International Documentary Festival. Two pieces about the Sahara region have been shown: Toumast: guitars and kalashnikovs and The death of the gazelle. Toumast: guitars and kalashnikovs presents an adventure amidst the Tuareg rebellion, halfway through music and violence.

Punctured Hope: A story about trokosi and young girls slavery

Punctured Hope is a story that takes place nowadays in Ghana, West Africa. The movie tackles the practice of trokosi. According to this custom, if someone commits a crime, traditional leaders can order a young girl from that family to be sent to the shrine as a form of atonement. A fetish priest and his… Read More ›

Review of Zimbabwe

The London African Film Festival 2009 ended last week after eight busy days of screening of African movies from varied parts of the continent. Zimbabwe was presented at the arts centre Rich Mix on Tuesday, December 1. The film tackles the problems related to illegal immigration in South Africa. The ambitious project is directed and… Read More ›