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Condition: Critical

The disastrous conflict in the region of Kivu, Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, has been raging for over a decade. This war has had catastrophic humanitarian consequences, as described in Condition: Critical, a poignant web-documentary presented by Médecins Sans Frontieres (MSF).

“The future, it means dying,” says an eighteen-year old boy. This comment sheds light to the tragic circumstances experienced by Kivu people’s lives.

Condition: Critical exposes the crisis through a series of striking photographs and stories that trace the full scope of events. Hundreds of thousands of people flee combats and must seek refuge in overcrowded camps. Rape, fear and death have been poisoning the whole province. Families are broken.

The origin of this conflict is quite complex. It links to former Zaïre president Mobutu’s policies, a neoliberal world dominated by multinational corporations and institutions that have been exploiting the region, and also colonialism. The Belgian colonists had accentuated some ethnic disparities, such as between Tutsis and Hutus, which reinforced animosity between peoples.

Because images are stronger than words, click here for this must-see documentary (available in several languages).

Photo credit by Kadir Van Lohuizen/Noor


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